Courses with Prof. Vithoulkas in Alonissos, Greece

An opportunity to meet the legendary master of Prof George Vithoulkas

Advanced Course on Classical Homeopathy

16th June-25th June 2021

Language: English
Course fee: €420 + Rs. 10,800
Certificate PG course for experienced practitioners

Homeopathy A to Z course

Next course in 2022

Language: English
Course fee: €375 + Rs. 9,000
Graduate level course for starters

Difficult Cases course

13th Sept – 17th Sept 2021

Language: English
Course fee: €263 + Rs. 6,800
Certificate PG course for experienced practitioners
The courses of Prof. George Vithoulkas intend to show the correct way of thinking during the process of case taking and the accurate evaluation and synthesis of the symptomatology in order to end up with the correct homeopathic remedy – the similimum.
The Practitioners have the opportunity to attend all live cases and long follow-ups of them. During the teaching, there is always a differential diagnosis of remedies. In this way the practitioners are given the suitable information in order to be able to make a correct prognosis and evaluation of the health of each patient according to Vithoulkas’ Theory of Levels of Health.
There is a comprehensive analysis for the decision of dosage and the potency of the indicated homeopathic remedy not only according to th e levels of health but also according to various other parameters that homeopath must take into consideration. Professor George Vithoulkas emphasises the comparative material media and a plethora of new ideas regarding the function of human organism in health and disease.
All teaching takes place at the international academy of classical homeopathy in Alonissos. Built in 1996, the homeopathic academy is of classical style, though equipped with the latest technology. All classes are being taught by Prof. George Vithoulkas. The lectures consist of live and video cases, with analysis and theory based on Prof. Vithoulkas’ 50 years of experience.
Do not miss this opportunity of a lifetime to meet the legendary master homeopath Prof. George Vithoulkas in person.

(Note: All IACH Greece courses are available only to qualified Indian Homepaths holding a valid degree in homeopathy as required by Indian Law)

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