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I LOVED the E-Program! I am a Hahnemannian homeopath practicing in Los Angeles for 17 years. I wanted to take the course so I could get a better understanding of the 'Levels of Health.' I decided to do the full program because it would give me the best understanding of the Levels of Health when taught along with Theory and Case management.

I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am so glad I did it! Now I say: "WOW... How can any homeopath treat a patient without knowing this information!" It is a critical part of the treatment plan because it tells us so much about our patients healing process, such as, how long it will take, how many remedies they will need and why they get certain reactions after a remedy.

After the course I realized that in the past I, like many homeopaths, had made wrong conclusions with some of my patients reactions because I didn't know their level of health. The knowledge I have now has helped me understand and make a precise plan of my patients healing process.Learn the Levels of Health in relation to Hahnemannian theory and it will change your practice!

Thank you George Vithoulkas for all your years of experience that you poured into this course! I so appreciate this gift!" -Deborah Vidal RS Hom (NA), CCH

Deborah Vidal
RS Hom (NA), cch
I am in love to George Vithoulkas and I finally found my Master forever. There are no words to express how much I feel saved from giving up of my homeopathic practice after over 12 years of passionate studies and love for Homeopathy with other homeopaths.

He finally answered all my inner questions, I carried around for years often being even angry as I thought: "It is not possible that nobody can explain me why at a particular time an acute after 3 days of a prescribed remedy is a good or a bad sigh in the evaluation of a case". I am so deeply impressed by the passion of Prof. GV. He does not only care for any single person, he also cares for our world's health, our planet.

His system is fantastically organized, 200% reliable, any support is human, competent, welcoming and fast.I love his humor and his authenticity is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! Through his E-learning I finally hold the right tools in hands. I am not fishing anymore into the sea (German saying) I now know what I do. I am much more confident in prescribing and I have much more fun working with patients.

His system is worth every Euro and his invoice is the only one I really love. My biggest wish is to meet Prof Vithoulkas one day in person as I spent so many hours with him in front of my computer. Don't waste time and money; learn from GV, he is your personal intense shortcut to the essence of what you need!! And you will love it!
Ellen Kunz
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